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St John the Apostle Church

This unusual round Church was built in 1839-1862 at the expense of parishioners with the help of the Polish landowner Raciborowsky from neighboring Makiv. Interestingly, but the church authorities did not immediately agree to consecrate the church, because they considered it non-canonical. Indeed, the characteristic pointed windows of the church are more like a Catholic Church than an Orthodox Church. The church is clearly visible from the restored highway from Kamianets. It is a kind of landmark. The temple inside almost did not retain its authentic interiors, but externally it has not changed. It is decorated with neo-Gothic windows and a decorative strip with a floral motif under the cornice.

Karmeliukova Mountain

The mountain is part of the main ridge of Tovtry 60 meters high, and completely covered with forest, and it's flat at the top. It consists of limestone that was the reefs of the sea millions of years ago. According to legend, Ustym Karmeliuk was hiding on the mountain. There is still a debate about whether he was a real hero like Robin Hood, or just a skilled bandit. There are abandoned tunnels and ponds on the Muksha river next to the mountain. The place is extremely picturesque. Karmaliukova Mountain was declared a natural reserve of national significance in 1975. The remains of a settlement of the Trypillian culture were found here.

Hotel «Hutor»
+380 93 795 38 76 Ivan
13 Volodymyrska Street
Hotel «Hutor»
+380 93 795 38 76 Ivan
13 Volodymyrska Street